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About CCB

  The Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “Changchun Branch”) is a dispatched organization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which was founded in May 1978 with the approval of the Central Government. 

  The Changchun Branch is mainly responsible for administrative coordination for its constituent institutes in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces byassisting the aforementioned institutes in leadership development toguide and promote the Party construction of the institutes. Itboosts, supervises and checks the scientific and technological innovation of the institutesas well as the key work of career development by carrying out the co-operation between the academy and the localitiespromoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It performs the building of culturalinnovation, science dissemination, supervision and audit, public affairs management, scientific research integrity, financial and asset management and academician services,etc. 

  The branch has five functional departments-the General Office, the S&T Cooperation Division, the Personnel Division, the Financial and Assets Division and the Supervision and Auditing Division-as well as a property management center and technology development center. There are 2,837 staff members, including 2,348 scientific researchers, 9 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, 3 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the national level, 62 people enjoying the State Council’s special governmental allowances, 26 recipients of the National WR Programme, 15 recipients of the National QR Programme, 7 recipients of the National Overseas YQ Programme, 13 national-level candidates for the “One Million Talents Project”, and 13 national-level candidates for the National Astronomical Observatory Changchun Artificial Satellite Observatory. There are 13 national candidates for the 100 Million Talents Project, 28 recipients of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 25 recipients of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 40 recipients of the BR Programme. There are now 3,452 retirees. There are 2,750 postgraduates studying in the institute,17 doctoral programmes, 22 master’s programmes and 8 postdoctoral mobile stations. 

  The institutes have six national key laboratories, including the State Key Laboratory of Applied Optics and the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry. Branch institutes are also home to fivenational-level laboratories and engineering centers:the National Centre for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Optical Machinery and the National Centre for Electrochemistry and Spectroscopy Research and Analysis. There are three national field stations, including the National Field Observatory of the Three Swamps and Wetlands Ecosystems of the Three Rivers.Eight key laboratories of CAS are, namely, the Key Laboratory of Aviation Optical Imaging and Measurement, the Key Laboratory of Ecological Environment Polymer Materials, and the Key Laboratory of Wetland Ecology and Environment. 

  The Changchun Branch always adheres to the innovation value concept of “serving the country and benefiting the people” and focuses on the “Pioneer Action”programme of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other major strategic programmes. It gives full play to its role as a bridge and link between the local government and enterprisestopromote the signing of comprehensive cooperation agreements with the academy in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces respectively. Through establishing special funds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, actively setting up innovation platforms and carriers and mobilizing relevant technologies, achievements and talents of the whole Academy, the Branch strives to promote the upgrading and transformation of the old industrial base in Northeast China, fosters and leads the development of strategic emerging industries, thus making an important contribution to the promotion of the economic and social development of local communities and the transformation of achievements. 

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